A cloud guru challenge

Learning azure


I completed the challenge from #clouduguru!. I'm happy. I used typescript and Linux, first time I implemented github actions ; gwen is the best :D

Why did you take on the challenge?

I really want to test azure, learned a lot.

How did you complete the challenge? Include screenshots, diagrams, code snippets, links, and anything you’d like.

What was the hardest part?

Creating the binding part, using javascript was difficult for me, almost all examples used .NET

Which part did you enjoy the most?

CI/CD! It's black magic

What are your biggest takeaways?

Learning about azure functions and the easy integrations with a static page.

If you’ve done this challenge before with another cloud, what differences did you notice?

Not yet, but definitely will try to do it in AWS

Here it is: cv.cresterida.me

Github: github.com/kiquetal/cv-challenge-cloud